Official Partner

Devia has been an official partner of Infigo Software since 2018.

When you run a web-to-print business, printing is just the tip of the iceberg.

The difficulties of running an eCommerce platform lie beneath the surface.

Devia bridges the gap between printing and software.


Devia has first-hand experience with pre-press requirements such as typesetting and pre-flighting.

We have a deep understanding of printing product specifications. Our comprehensive knowledge of printing ensures that our templating and web design process is optimized to suit your goals.


Devia's team has a wide range of experience in new store builds, integrations and templating.

Devia has 10 years of combined experience using Infigo. We know what specialized features of Infigo will work best for each unique project.

New to Infigo?

Click here to visit their website to learn more about their Web to Print software.

We Join Your Team.

We align our goals with your overall strategies and work with you like a member of your team.

We Provide Consultation.

Our eCommerce experts are just a call away for any questions or consultation needs. We are always eager to help plan any future projects or discuss new Infigo features that may apply to your store.

We Have Infigo's Insider Info.

Our partnership with Infigo gives us an inside look at Infigo's new feature releases so that we can keep an eye out for new and innovative solutions.

We have unique style solutions.

You know your Infigo website will work well, but how will you know how it looks until we build it? Devia's team of designers creates a preview image of what your website will look like before we even type a line of code, that way, the end result is no mystery.

Our team acts like a member of your team and strives to keep your store successful in the long term.

Our reliable team fixes important issues ASAP and is always there for questions and consultations.

What Makes Our eCommerce Platforms Successful?


We make sites that work for you now and years down the road.


We minimize the number of clicks it takes for the user to go from start to cart.


We want the user experience to be straightforward and painless.


We'll use Infigo's most up-to-date systems and features for your projects.

Visually Appealing

We create custom graphics for each project that complement the client's branding.


When you have a system that works for you, we tailor our solutions to fit.

Supporting You


    • Updates to existing stores

    • Template and layout changes

    • Troubleshooting order errors

    • Answering any questions


    • New template products

    • Consultation

    • Planning workflows

    • Updating user interface


    • Building a store

    • Overseeing project management

    • Creating assets for stores

    • Testing and maintenance

Specialized Integrations


    Devia has built an eCommerce bridge that pushes sales information from Infigo to Hubspot. Integrating Infigo's data into Hubspot keeps all of your customer relationship management in one place.

SQL Reports

    Advanced reports are available with Devia. Using Metabase with Infigo, Devia's reporting experts are able to use your data to create customized reports and SQL reports about your store.

Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes


    • 1-3 online storefronts

    • 20 products/month

    • 10 templates/month


    • 1-5 online storefronts

    • 50 products/month

    • 20 templates/month


    • Unlimited storefronts

    • Unlimited products/month

    • Unlimited templates/month

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